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08 January 2007 @ 09:43 am
Road Trip - AU Alexa (Not for use in regular game)  
Topic: # 8 Road Trip
Disclaimer: This is an AU version of Alexa used in a community called highlanderadult and does not apply to her larger TM/RotM/MM world.

“Benjamin…did you kick your shoes off again?” Alexa Bond Travers turned her head to look at her son, who smiled back with a toothy grin that was angelic and quite devious at the same time. It was a smile that reminded her of someone else, someone long departed. The toddler kicked his feet happily. That child hated to wear shoes worse than anyone Alexa had ever seen. She had tried everything from Velcro straps to cartoon characters on the tiny leather sneakers, but Benjie seemed to find them all equally distasteful. She had tried high tops with the locking caps that kept him from loosening the laces, but he had wailed so pitifully that she gave in. Of course, Charles had hated that. He told her that she would spoil the boy and turn him into some kind of sissy.

Which was, of course, ridiculous. You can’t turn a boy into a sissy by loving him and having a sense of fun and humor. Charles had very little sense of humor by the time of his death, and that made Alexa sad. They had only been married for four short years, and there she was, a widow again. Dr. Tsarikaeva had taken care of her for six years after she revived, and he had introduced her to Charles at the clinic. At first, her second husband had been charming and sweet, and they had enjoyed some travel. He had taken her to Russia, and to Thailand. Then they adopted Benjamin, and everything seemed to change. There were no more long drives in the country, or adventures to find the hidden treasures in their own back yard. Mostly, Charles worked, and he spent a lot of time away. Alexa had suspected a mistress, but never looked hard enough to confirm or deny that. And frankly, the loss of the rote, passionless sex was not grieved. Charles had been sweet, but he was unimaginative and without any desire to please her. So Alexa had grieved his death in a different way than she had grieved Adam. For Charles, there was pity and a sense of lost friendship. For Adam, there was a black hole of wild sorrow, a loss that she doubted she would ever get over fully. Even after Dr. Tsarkaeva had confirmed it with a friend of his that he said was knowledgeable about such matters, someone who watched Immortals and recorded their histories, she still had trouble grasping that reality. It seemed to her she would have felt it, in her heart, or seen him in the stars. But she had come to accept it, because there was nothing else she could do.

Benjamin shrieked from his car seat, a joyful noise that made her laugh out loud. He liked the radio or CD player on when they drove. He especially liked loud rock and roll, so she turned on the station he liked best and sang along as she drove to Oleta State Recreational Area, north of Miami. It wasn’t too far, and they always took a picnic and played in the different playgrounds, there. Benjie could run, arms wide and face to the sun, and feed the ducks on the lake. And they would walk around, as she pointed out the animals and birds and different plants. On the drive home, Ben would sleep and she would change the channel to something softer.

You didn’t have to see the whole world in one trip. Just a little bit up the road, you could find something new and unexpected.
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