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11 December 2006 @ 02:00 am
Devil's Advocate; Chapter 1  
Since I already have a bit done, and I don't think this will particularly matter, will it, if it's not "fandomed". This is mainly original characterness, but done under these titles so I very well couldn't put it elsewhere, eh?
If it's not, just yell at me and I be rid of it and uhm...do some fanfiction, mebbe. XD; I just haven't done that for some time...

Fandom: Original (I hope this is allowed? Again, I am using the prompts from 30-Moments to do this so..uhm....pwease! *hopeful*)
Title: Devil's Advocate, chapter 1
Author: me
Theme(s): 28. Nobody's Angel
Pairing/Characters: Shisou (who is original, BTW), and pairings...erm..anywhere and everywhere.
Rating: PG - R/NC-17 probably by the end for language, sexuality, and violence
Disclaimer/claimer: Part of Shisou's life. He's...mine
Summary: Whatever is possible, this is a man whose nightmares are plagued by endless paradoxes and forced realities. Dreams unspent and lives in ruins, he has more than enough he doesn't wish to pay attention to, or that he would remember.
Status:...we'll see. This will be a first chapter of many under this same topic, different themes, obviously.

Eyes crimson and hair grey, he sat in the utmost branches of the forest, in one of the tallest trees, the distance making in his size seem...odd. But this was Shisou, a twisted reality unto himself, and today there was a sharp edge about him. Perhaps it was the way he sat, or maybe is was just the chill that went up one's spine when nearby. His expression was cold, angry, restrained, dark.

He ignored the young woman, perhaps about 12 years in age lookwise, as she climbed up a little too easily and sat next to him, on the outer edge of the branches, looking to the dark heart of the tree where his eyes gleamed in a firey red. His arm resting on his knee flexed and twitched, his wrist tightening. The girl knew that this was a sign of an inner rage boiling again, as the tree where he sat had only been identified as his hiding place due to the mild smoke emitting as his body literally was burning into the tree.

Obviously he was not one to keep his temper well, just as well as he would restrain his lust and hunger.

"What's up?" she asked, her hands wrapped about her knees inquisitively.

His face only twitched in response.

"That bad, huh?" she murmured slowly, looking at him if a little sadly. He had a nasty reputation indeed for withdrawing with hellfire and brimstone.

In truth, she knew he was contemplating her with contempt and dislike, an emotion that tended to surface when he was put under pressure by her mere presence to respond. He hated the moments of being reminded of some things, even if it had originally been his choice.

But instead she reached out her hand. "Come on, let's go walk..."

He seemed with the deepest reluctance, but in a strangely relieved sense, he reached out, his enormous hand enveloping hers to wherever she wished to take them.

The place they would walk, the girl had thought beforehand, would be on the edge of dreaming, where words would flow and the sea lulled away steadily, breaking down powerful walls he was so good at using to isolate himself.

As if cued, he opened his mouth to speak, the overwhelming feeling to unleash the burning in his head to the sea all that remained as they walked, the two making a decidedly odd pair; one enormous and covered in black, radiating brimming fire, the other radiating only concern and being infinately smaller and thin.

"There have been more than enough times where I've jabbered my fucking head off, and I know it well," he murmured, his eyes hazy as he looked into the half dream, contemplating a reality that once was with an unsettlingly peaceful expression, even at that which flashed before his eyes. "To date I've more demons invading my body than I care to think. One is the original. The others...from various personages, as you know."

She nodded in response but kept walking as she numbered them off silently to herself. Lilith, a feeder; Rockhiel's monster demon, combined from more than 3; the parasite that created a legend but no longer existed; a demon that sought the life of the unborn babe that no longer breathes; the demon that was created from a forceful transformation, embodying all the hate and seething that the man in question could muster; a demon that sought entrance where it was not to be; a demon from an older lover from years past; the Demon Master form, which was not quite a seperate entity but had its own; and even various others perhaps, but each.... Yes, she knew without speaking that each had its own challenge it presented to him, its own...taste. It could be known without saying that it was a surprise he was even as old as he was and still sane.

"Once I was given a chance to be a monster, not just in body, but soul and mind. Perhaps it was a way to escape, a way to live out and make a mockery of those who had rebuked me in years past. But what else was I at that time? Without knowledge of love and lover, I lived in a perilous hell where the sun shines only to laugh, and the moon hides its face in shame."

She looked before them and saw the world he spoke of, becoming whole with his memories, his dreams and nightmares. It was a terrible place to be sure, but the worst was the feeling. Guilt. Pain. Anguish. Horror. The entire image was inflicted upon oneself of their own mistakes and horrors as they would confront their same mistakes again and again, the guilt nearly unbearable. Perhaps it was a world where Hell truly was all mental.

With his words the reality realized depth and color, and the stench and overwhelming feeling to collapse in tears was only a dream, but it still carried its power, being from the real realm at one time.

He had trained for years, his nature selfish originally, but honed and meticulously made into a killers sense, as heartless as he could be made but not for the fear he could inflict in such a state, no but for his own well being. His mentor, an old and now dead friend of his, had done it to save his life. But there was no way to fully erase the naievety, the innocense that somehow had stuck with him through all those terrible years before, had given him his terribly curiosity, malicious nature and tendencies. Even then though, it was as though he was sending him to his death. One did not just become one of Them and after a few hundred years just leave. No, one was one of Them forever till something...untimely occured and he was replaced.

He had gone to the place alone and had fought his way to the Council where he claimed his place and bore a mark he had recieved. The other Demon Masters had accepted him with little pomp or care; he was there and that was that. Things would continue on, and time was of the essence that they continue as quickly as possible.

His transformation nearly killed him. He was much too human. But even after hours of stripping him to his core and pulling that to pieces, trying to rid him of flesh and blood, he was still too human. Perhaps it was a cruel irony that the Other Masters would both seethe and laugh at; here was another of their own, but with a body and powerful form that they had sought since the ages began to destroy and corrupt.

As his work began, however, he found himself confronted with his all too unfitting side. Where he sought to be cruel, he left a loop, if on accident or on purpose, afterwards he was never very sure. As the years passed he began to crack, but he kept to the purpose easily, however avoiding face to face encounters as much as he could, not willing to see those he would break. This was a terrible flaw in his design.

She looked up as his hand drew away from hers, his eyes sad.

Obviously, this meant she would get no more out of him tonight, and she watched as he pulled away, as though he had only just began to realize that the waters had opened up more than he had been willing to expound on.
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