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06 April 2006 @ 08:58 am
[30 moments]: Snapshots -- Chapter 2/8 (theme 13,18,26, Bonus 1)  
Title: Snapshots -- Chapter 2 by jgal87
Rating: PG-13/T
Warning: (AU) Alternate Universe; Shonen-ai/Yaoi implications. OOC-ness
Moment: #13 - Roleplay, #18 - Blades of Fate, #26 - Book Shelf & #bonus 1 - Hot Temper
Summary: Sometime after their encounter, fate intervene and they met again. Second installment in this 8 chaptered ficlet, written for 30_moments.

Previously: Chapter 1


Chapter 2 - Transfer students & Projects!

One week after the beach party, it marks the end of the Summer season and the beginning of the Autumn. It also marks the start of a brand new term, students were seen crowding the streets and pavements. The bell of the 'Seishun Gakuen' chimes, Oishi Syuichirou was seen glancing out of the window ever so frequently, noting the falling of leaves absently.

He was so caught up in his own world, that he nearly failed to notice the teacher's entrance; until he heard the unmistakenable command of his class monitor. After greeting the teacher, Oishi found his eyes flicking towards the new student standing beside the teacher. It wasn't until he took a closer look at the student did he realized, it was none other than Fuji Syusuke. The boy, whom saved him from the flirtious girl at the beach party.

Fuji must have recognized him at first glance, as the latter was now smiling at him. Oishi didn't know how long he had been staring, but it must have been long enough for the teacher to caught him in action and later reprimanding him for being rude by staring at the new student. Whether it was fate, or something else that intervened; Oishi had no idea. Somehow, the two of them just ended up sitting next to one another in class.

The morning passes by in a blur, soon it was time for lunch. The two glances at one another, one seems awkward; the other simply looked amused.

"Fuji-san, do you want to have your lunch at the cafeteria?" Oishi started, mentally groaning at his failed attempt at conversation.

The other boy seemed to have noticed his nervousness, simply smiled and responded in a kind manner. "Sure, why not? By the way, you can drop the 'san' and address me simply by my name."

"Aa... " Oishi responded dumbly, still haven't gotten over the shock.


During lunch, Oishi introduced Fuji to his friends in the tennis club. Oishi took the chance to calm his chaotic mind, while Fuji was interacting with his friends. Once his mind was settled, he turned his attention back to the conversation; just in time to catch his nosy friend, Kikumaru Eiji, asking Fuji if the latter had any siblings.

"Aa, I have an elder sister and a younger brother." Fuji replied good-naturedly, apparently finding a good friend in Eiji.

Oishi was relief by the fact that Fuji seems to be comfortable around Eiji, after all, Eiji was well-known for asking questions that one might find them too personal. That was the reason why Eiji seems to land himself in trouble at times, and often ended up troubling Oishi to bail them out. After which, they decided to head over to the teacher's room as they had time to spare before their next class. They waited outside while Fuji headed inside to submit his application to join the tennis club to the coach, Ryuzaki Sensei.

After lunch, it was time for their Literature class. Even though, all the tennis players were in different classes but Literature is an elective subject; so they all ended up in the same class for that particular subject. During lesson, they were partnered up into a group of eight, and were to do a 'Roleplaying project'.

Oishi, Fuji, Tezuka, Eiji and four other classmates were put together in a group, Inui was in another elective class hence he was not involved. Kaidoh, Momoshiro and Echizen were in a lower grade, so they were not around as well. During their group discussion, they decided to list down a number of plays they might want to do. Some suggested doing Shakespeare's work, while some suggested doing fairy tales. After much debating, the four tennis club members decided to head to the library to do some research on the roleplay subject.

During their search for books, Eiji, in his rush nearly knocked over a bookshelf. Thankfully, with the effort of the four of them together, they managed to prevent the shelf from falling over. Oishi wouldn't dare to think of the consequences, if the bookshelf were to fall over; the thought of it causes him to shudder involunteerily.

After much discussion, their group finally agreed on the idea of doing 'Cinderella'. During discussion period the following day, their group members decided to draw lots; to determine the main leads. After everything was finalized, it was decided that Fuji get the role of Cinderella, while Tezuka got the role of the prince. Meanwhile, Oishi and Eiji got the role of the Prince's guards.

As time passes by, Oishi found himself getting more and more riled up whenever he sees Tezuka and Fuji together. He finally realized that he was jealous at them for being too close, but he could do nothing since he had no idea what the latter would thought of him , if he were to reveal his feelings to Fuji. He did not have the guts to admit his feelings, for he didn't want to scare the latter off; worst if he were to lose a good friend over this issue.

The issue presses on his nerves, causing him to get stressed out each time someone irritates him. During one of their rehearsals, Eiji was getting too noisy in the background. Finally, unable to take the stress anymore; Oishi snaps. Eiji was stunned, never did he seen Oishi so mad before.


Date started: 10/02/06

Date completed: 10/02/06

Date revised: 06/04/06

Reviews/comments appreciated, Flames tolerated. Unbeta-ed.
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